Travel For Free: Pre-Travel Expenses

Even though you can travel for free, there are things that will still cost you money. So another big thing to consider when you want to travel are pre-travel expenses. These expenses can add up pretty quickly depending on what you want to do and where you want to go.

Let’s say you decide to bike around Europe. You’re going to need a bike to start with. Or you plan on backpacking through South America, you will need to buy a backpack, a sleeping bag, good shoes, camera or whatever else you will need.

Another thing that can be added to the list of “pre-travel” expenses are medical costs. In my case, I am backpacking all over Africa so I had to get a full doctor’s examination, got at least a couple of months worth of malaria medication, motion sickness pills for those sea voyages, vaccinations for yellow fever, meningitis, ebola and rift valley fever, to name a few. These can change depending on where you are going, in places like Europe, North America and Australia you most likely won’t have any medical expenses before traveling.

I also had to buy cameras, backup batteries, accessories, water bottles, first aid kit, mosquito nets and many other things before leaving so you will definitely have expenses before you leave.

Plan what you want to do and where you want to go and then research what you will need and what it will cost you and save up for that. After that you can start to travel for free. In the next article I will cover transportation costs for your travels.


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