Day 1 – A Long Walk to Freedom

When you are reading this, it means I finally managed to get wifi somewhere in Swaziland. I’ve been sitting in the hostel kitchen, typing away blogs for past couple of days. As soon as I can find internet somewhere, a task that seems impossible when you are backpacking in Northern Swaziland, I will upload them all.


…Anyway… Day 1
It is 5 AM on Thursday the 5th of January 2017. I get out of bed and start getting the last of my things together. I know I have to say goodbye in less than an hour. It makes me sad to leave. This whole thing got me quite emosional to be honest. I pull myself together by thinking of the adventure that follows. I love a challenge and I’m always up for an adventure. And this one is going to be the biggest one yet.

In case you don’t know. I’m leaving everything behind to pursue my dream of traveling the world. I’m starting out by backpacking through 18 African countries and attempting to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. I am leaving home with only R900.00 and I’m going to try to use as little of this money as possible. I’m not sure about the exchange rates but at the time I’m writing this R900 is more or less equal to $100, £75 or €60.

So after saying my goodbyes, I hit the road. I am going to start hitchhiking as soon as I am on the open road outside town. It’s hard to get a ride today. It ends up taking me 2 rides and 2 hours to get to the next town which is only 35km away, and Swaziland is still another 120. As I walk out of the the town of Chrissiesmeer, I think to myself… So, we meet again… The road leading out toward Swaziland is hell, I’ve hitchhiked this road before, a long, quiet road with almost no trees and even less traffic, it takes me about 3 hours and 20km of walking to get a ride. A Chinese man picks me up… My saviour for the day, he even hands me 50 bucks after hearing my story. Another two rides after him and I find myself at the Swazi border.


After getting my passport stamped the man that brought me over the border brings me all the way to Motshane. Here, a truck driver picks me up and “delivers” me right in front of the hostel that I will be spending the next 5 days. I already arranged a job at this hostel in order to get my accommodation for free. I arrive and they almost immediately put me to work. This what put me off a little. I mean, it’s 15:00 and I have been walking and hitchhiking since 6AM, my feet are killing me, I’m hungry because I haven’t eaten anything, I’m sunburnt as hell and just damn tired but they make me work. Another problem is that the closest shop is about 10km away.

Aside from that, this is a really beautiful place, in the mountains at a elevation of 1200m. The staff are pretty awesome and there’s this laidback kind of chilled atmosphere. Since the shops are so far away. I do not have anything to eat tonight so I spend the 50 buck I received from the Chinese man on a meal. Beef curry and rice… I’ve never been so happy to eat curry before. It’s 21:30 and I’m just dead tired. I’m going to bed.


Good night…..



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