Day 2 – Let The Adventures Begin

I wake up… This was probably some of the best sleep I’ve ever had. I feel great this morning. I am just hanging around until 9AM, I am going to Mbabane with the manager of the hostel. He has business to do in the city so I’m tagging along to buy myself some food to cook so I don’t have to spend 50 bucks on a meal everyday.

We are taking a shortcut to Mbabane, a small and very bad dirt road. The road also passes by Sibebe Rock, the 2nd largest solid rock formation in the world (After Ayres Rock in Australia). I can’t wait to see it. Then disaster strikes. The condition of road trumps our front right CV joint of our vehicle and here we sit. In the middle of nowhere with a cracked CV.


He calls a mechanic which tells him to drive back like that because he won’t be able to fix it today. Doesn’t sound like a good idea to me but he’s the mechanic right? We are about 10km from the hostel and we hit the road back home. Slowly we make our way back and he manages to borrow another car, so off to Mbabane we go… Take 2… No more Sibebe Rock for me though since we cannot use this car on the bad gravel road.

After we’ve done our shopping and got back home. I immediately start with the job again. At 17:00 I’m done for the day. I’ve done four window panels by now.


A calm and relatively peaceful day done and dusted. I think I deserve a beer right? Another 15 bucks…


After while of hanging around, it’s about 9PM again and I decide to call it a day. Yeah, a calm and peaceful day………

What I didn’t know was that there was a viking lurking outside… The manager comes bashing into the room. “I’d like you to meet someone”, he says, “come outside”… I quickly get dressed and go outside. There are a couple of people sitting in a group. I don’t really feel like meeting anyone right now but I go over and he introduces me to a man. “My name’s Daniel, I’m from Belguim”, he says. So we start chatting and he tells me about a project he’s working on in the mountains. He’s building houses and all sorts of stuff from rubbish and wooden pallets. The place that all this happens is a paradise apparently. He says he would like me to come with him tonight. He needs a pair of capable hands to help out for a couple of days. Food and accommodation included… Off course I’m ready to jump aboard. He already sparked my interest when he showed me a few photos of the stuff he was building. And the opportunity to get free food and accommodation for a few days doesn’t hurt either.

He calls his ride to come and pick us up. As we wait he tells me that he had a DNA test done to determine his roots since he was adopted. Aparently he had 180 markers or something (Yeah, whatever that means…) that shows that he is a direct decendant of the Norse Vikings. Hmmm, I can see it in his face a little bit maybe but he’s not really built like any viking I’ve ever seen.  He also started the Swaziland Viking Alliance (or SVA for short) which is supposed to be a live action role playing (LARP) community. They only got 2 members so far though…


I wouldn’t mind joining to be honest. Sounds like fun. Too bad I won’t be around for much longer. He also tells me that he is planning to build a medieval castle in the mountains and that he wants to build a 20-25m wooden viking ship on Maguga Dam. Now I’m really regretting that I’m leaving Swaziland next week. Anyway… His ride arrives. By now it’s 23:30. Next stop… Paradise. We turn off on a gravel road. A really really bad gravel road. It just started raining and we are driving between 5 and 10 kmph because of the state the road is in. As we climb higher and higher into the mountains. The mist throws itself into the boiling pot of circumstances which are trying to kill us. So here I am, sitting in the back of a car with two Swazi’s and a strange viking. The driver got a big ass beer bottle in his hand from which he’s constantly taking a sip. The viking guy looks like he’s somewhere on a viking ship on his way to plunder and pillage paradise. And the guy next to me in the back seat is sitting with his eyes closed clinching onto a rosary. If I happened to be even a little bit religious, I probaly would’ve done the same.

I can’t even see past the hood of the car as we slip from side to side on the wet muddy road. I just hope the driver can see something. Finally after what seems like hours we turn down at a gate. There’s a sign that reads Mthunzi’s Paradise Village. Mthunzi was the driver of the car. As we pull up to a few huts in between the trees, I think to myself that this hardly looks like paradise. However it is 1AM, maybe I would see the true paradise in the morning when the sun is up.


I’m taken to a traditional Swazi hut, this is where I’ll sleep tonight. I have to crawl through the door to get inside, there’s nothing but a bed and a small table, a soaking wet bed because the thatch roof is leaking. I wanted adventure right. Welcome to the adventure.

Good night…

Oops, I wet my bed



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