Day 4 – Started From The Bottom

I get out of my dorm bed to find Daniel already in the kitchen rolling a joint. Soon after Mthunzi also shows up. He says that one of his workers are sick. Apparently someone bewitched him and he has to be taken to a traditional healer. The roads are still undriveable so Mthunzi organizes with someone with a 4×4 to bring Xolani (The guy who is sick) down the mountain so we can take him to the healer. We leave early and meet up with them at a small settlement called Nkomazi near the Komati river. The healer are also located in Nkomazi. So Mthunzi along with Xolani goes in while me and Daniel waits in the car. This was 9AM. At 12:00 they’re still not out and I’m starting to get seriously hungry. I haven’t eaten since yesterday morning in Piggs Peak. Since we never got a chance to go home, neither me nor Daniel has any money on us. We manage to talk one of the local shops into giving us a can of sardines, a bread and some yoghurt on credit. No plates, no can opener, no spoon, no problem. Daniel has a pocket knife in the glove compartment. I manage to open the can with the knife, use an old cardboard box as a plate and the yoghurt container’s top cover as a spoon. Good meal…


When they return from the traditional healer, it’s just past 15:00. We drive around the mountain to see whether we will be able to drive up the other road. We arrive at the turn off and the road doesn’t seem that bad, I mean the sun has been baking it almost the entire day. We give it a try. Halfway up the road we run into another vehicle that skid of the road into the bank. All the water has eroded away the ground on the sides of the road so there are deep trenches into which they have fallen. We stop to give them a hand. A couple of local guys also shows up to lend a hand. We manage to pull it out of the trench by hand, their vehicle is somewhat damaged but they don’t mind. As long as the engine is running, it’s good to go, right.


After this we also slide our way all the way home. We get home at around 18:00, not much more to be said and done. We sat around and chatted for a while longer then went off to bed early it’s been a looooong day.

See you tomorrow….



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