Day 5 – Going Full Vagabond

Good morning, it’s Monday. Today we are going to get some serious work done… Yeah right. It’s early and Daniel start to build a water generator. A device that generates electricity while it waters the garden. He doesn’t come very far before Mthunzi tells him that we have to go town again. He’s not very fond of this idea and they get into a fierce argument. I walk over to a big rock under the tree and take seat. I’ll wait for them to fight it out then I’ll hear what the plans are for the day. After a while, I hear that we are going to town again. While there, we go over to a big supermarket where we salvage a bunch of fruits and vegetables from the garbage. When the people from the supermarket see a rotten apple in a box, for example, they throw the entire box out. It ends up with one or two rotten apples and the rest of them are still perfect. Not fresh but still good to eat. We take everything and then sort them out at home. The things we cannot eat, We throw into a large hole which will later be used as a type of fertilizer for the very precious “crops”.



After we are done here and loaded the car to the max with rotten fruits and vegetables(you can’t imagine the smell in the car), we head home. On the way, we run into two fishermen who’s trying to sell their catch for the day. We get a huge carp for 50 bucks…. Yay, dinner for tonight. Daniel also buys two “Ramtutus”, which are white chickens that you buy live and slaughter them yourself. When we get home, both of the chickens are dead. I’m sure it was the heat inside the car that killed them. Daniel says that he won’t eat chicken that died of “natural causes” so he only eats the fish. The other guys don’t mind. More chicken for them.


I watch as Xolani, the “sick” guy from yesterday, slaughters the chickens. Pretty interesting. The only part of the chicken that they do not eat are the beaks and the bones. They eat every single one of the organs as well. I’m not sure if I’m that brave though. They cook the fish and the chicken on a fire they made just minutes before. Now, I’m used to leaving a fire until the wood are burnt through before you start cooking. The flames burns the meet and gives it taste of smoke. This should be interesting…

They give me some fish, chicken and two cups of rice. The chicken wasn’t too bad but the fish, uhm, not so much… Some places burnt, some places cooked and some places still raw. Fish flavoured sushi crisp… The rice was just plain. No salt, no nothing. The dryest rice I’ve ever eaten but you know, it’s a meal.

After an eternity spent forcing it down my throat, I’m off to bed and guess what. Theres more fish for breakfast.

Good night.


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