Day 6 – “Weed” Get Our Viking On

Good morning, there’s not really much to tell today but Daniel is leaving for Johannesburg so I have to return to the hostel to finish my “sentence”. But not before Daniel and I get our viking on…



Daniel made these “costumes”… Uhm, I mean attire, from old curtains and he also made the axes himself… You know… As props for his viking alliance. I had shorts on so I look more like a medievel butcher than a viking but at least the beard helps.

After we’re done playing around, we hit the road to meet up with a contact of Daniel that will be taking him to Jozi. But I’m nagging again… I want to see the plantations so Mthunzi stops at a small opening in the bushes next to the road. We crawl through it and we walk into an open field. Still no plantation, no, we first have to walk through the patch of grass, go into some other bushes, bend beneath the trees, climb up a rock, crall through a small opening in the branches and climb over a fence, then just another few metres down the hill and we find ourself standing in the marijuana plantation…



This was probably the most awesome plantation I’ve ever seen… By far… First Mthunzi explains to me how the planting and harvesting procedures work and then we hit the road again. Good day.

At the foot of the mountain, we meet up with Glen. He’s also South African and for the first time in a while, someone speaks to me in my native tongue again. It’s good to hear. They drop me off at the hostel again and leaves immediately.

Back to work again. I have to carry on with the windows. I only do two of them before I decide to pack up for the day. I am in desperate need of a shower. The bucket wasn’t really that effecient at all. After the shower and getting all my electrononics charging again. I’m off to bed now.

Good night…


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