Day 7 – Done And Dusted

It’s day 7 and I’m back to work again. At least tomorrow will be my last day here. And I don’t care what they say, if I manage to finish up with the windows today, I’m taking the day off tomorrow. I’m busy with the second floor windows so I’m on the ladder when one of the guys comes around the corner and asks if he could use the ladder for a while. No problem, I give it to him and decide to do the hike I’ve so desperately wanted to do since I arrived… To the top of this mountain…


It takes me about an hour to hike to the top. But it was totally worth it. The view from the top are absolutely stunning. I take a couple of photos at the peak and chill on sme of the rocks for while before heading back down again. Just another hour downhill. Plus I can’t really find any path to speak off so I just take the way that looks the easiest. It’s not long before I find myself on some really steep slopes with overhanging boulders. I walk in a zig zag pattern down the slope to beat the incline, combined with some very firm and delicate footwork. I make it safely down the slope to an area where it is more levelled out again. Now it’s just a hike back to the hostel.


The hostel from the top

I return just in time to get the ladder back. About an hour later an my work here is complete. I grab my laptop and start writing up on my blogs. Hopefully I will get access to wifi on Friday and then all of them would be ready to post.If not, I will post them as I often as possible whenever I get an internet connection. After all of this. I’m willing to spend another 45 bucks on a decent meal. Goodbye for now.



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