Day 13 – The Wet Wait

Friday, 27 Jan ’17

It’s Friday and Hermann has to go to work. I will just hang around in town until 13:30 when he knocks off. Just before seven, he leaves me at the square in town. Very beautiful town, it has that real “tourist” kind of vibe about it. Dozens of curio shops, bars, and restaurants are stacked next to each other along the streets and of course, everything costs almost double its normal price.


It starts raining and I try to sit under the roof of one of the restaurants but they chase me away because “these chairs are for their clients only”, even though there’s not a single person anywhere near the restaurant. Wow, what happened to humanity. Exactly the same thing happens at the next two restaurants I try. By now I am soaking wet and I decide to go to the brewery and try their beer. There’s a sign outside that says “Free Beer Tasting”. At least then I would be allowed to sit inside. I order a free taster and none of them are really good at all, in my opinion, but the catch is… The taster is free but it’s mandatory that you buy one of them afterward. Another 30 bucks for a beer.A very, very, very bad beer!


By noon I leave the brewery after forcing the beer down. I am starving so I buy 6 buns/bread rolls, eat two of them. I think I will keep the other four for tonight. It’s still pouring and I decide to walk back to Hermann’s place. I will sit outside and wait for half past one, at least there’s a netted carport I can sit under. Well, I’m not that lucky. I just sat there for a few minutes when the woman across the street yells at me from across the street. In a very rude manner she asks me what I’m doing there. I explain to her that I am visiting Hermann and I just want to wait there for him because it’s raining. “You cannot sit here, she tells me. Go and wait somewhere else.”, I’m on his side of the street under his carport so I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have the right to chase me away, but I’m not in the mood for any kind of trouble so I rather hit the road, there’s no place I can go now. I get completely soaked by the rain again as I walk down the street. After a while I see a parking lot, completely roofed, there are no cars so it shouldn’t be a problem if I go and sit there right.


Well it’s not long before a security guard shows up and asks me why I am sitting there. I explain to him that Im waiting for someone and I just want to get out of the rain. He says it’s no problem and I sit there until it’s time for me start walking back to the entrance where I will meet Hermann.

After waiting at home for the rain to calm down, we make our way to Bethlehem because Hermann has to take care of a few things and there’s nothing going on in Clarens. Everyone have to drive to Bethlehem if they want something done. After this, we just drive back home and spend the rest of the evening relaxing and watching TV.

Good night


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