Day 14 – Into The Mountains

Saturday, 28 Jan ’17

Good morning.

Today I will take to the road again. I have to make it all the way to Teyateyaneng in Lesotho. I have landed a job as a volunteer there. The plan is to stay for two weeks while exploring Lesotho a bit. I do not even have directions to the place I am going yet. I only have a number. I will call them when I arrive in Teyateyaneng.


Before I hit the road. Hermann and I take a few photos together. I like to take pictures with hosts and people I meet. After that, I start walking. I only walked about 5km when I got picked up. I decide to cross the border at Caledonspoort so I get off at Fouriesburg. I hardly raised my arm to hitch a ride before I get picked up again. They take me all the way to the border. I get my passport stamped and get a free map at immigration. Welcome to the Kingdom of Lesotho.

I am met with a bunch of children, they ask me for sweets. After I explain to them that I don’t have any sweets, they ask for money. When they learn that I don’t have money either. They ask for “that book”, it was the map that I just got. It wasn’t long before I get a ride. They take me to Maputsoe and then pay my taxi fare to Teyateyaneng. They also teach me that locals do not call it Teyateyaneng, because the name is to long. From now on I will refer to it only as T.Y.

When I get into the taxi. I tell the conductor that I am going to T.Y. and that I’ve never been in Lesotho before so he should please tell me when we get there so I can get off. Just to be safe, I also check the road and shop signs. Well, after a while, I notice a sign that says Teyateyaneng and its pointing back. We already passed it half an hour ago and no one said anything. Even though everyone in the taxi heard me saying to the conductor that I am getting off at T.Y. So as soon as I see the sign. I ask them to stop, luckily the conductor realize his mistake. And they quickly find me another taxi to take me back and also pays for it.

When I finally arrive in T.Y. and buy a SIM card. I try to call the number I was given. The number does not exist… What now? I only know the name of the person who sent me the email. I don’t even know the name of the place I am going, so I start asking around town if anyone knows the person. Not long before I get a hit. They tell me the name of the place and direct me to it. At least I have a name now so if I can’t find the place, I will be able to ask around. On my way there, I meet two guys next to the road and they ask where I am going. I tell them and they end up walking all the way there with me. Nice guys…


Thankfully this is the right place. CEHAL Hospital. This will be my home for the next 2 weeks. I meet an Austrian couple. They are busy with a round the world trip and they are also volunteering here. I am also surprised to see that every volunteer get their own flat. This is going to be better than I expected. Oh and did I mention that I get a king size bed. WOW!


Anyway. I am going to bed now. Good night.


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