Day 15 to 20 – The First Week

29/01/17 – 03/02/17

Not much happened during the this week. It all started on the Sunday, which was probably the most eventful day of the week. Andreas and Iris, the Austrian couple I met yesterday, asks if I want to join them on a little trip to town. We will take a “four plus one” (A cab) into town, try to use the internet at the local hotel and then walk back to the hospital. Sounds good.

Well, we arrive at the hotel and the internet is down. They order a pizza and I get the leftovers. I never say no to food :D. Afterwards, we head home. We were hardly out of town when I heard screeching tires. I walked the closest to the road and just when I want to turn my head to look. The backside of a silver car comes sliding past me about half a meter away. The driver obviously lost control of the car as it starts swerving around towards the other side of the road before taking a small tree completely out of the ground, hitting a lamppost and overturning. The driver looked like he may have had one too many but luckily he got out completely unharmed.


This made me think. I spend many of my days next to the road. This car could’ve hit us. And so can any other vehicle that loses control while I’m on the roads. It made me quite uneasy to walk next to the road for the rest of the journey home. I also tried my first local Lesotho beer today. It was great!


On Monday morning, I start working. Not much to do really. I try to keep busy and even though their Workaway profile says that they expect you to work 3-4 hours a day. They really expect you to work from 7 AM to 5 PM everyday. Just like their profile says that they have internet access. They do not! Andreas and Iris also invites a few of us to dinner. We are having Chili Konkane, a Spanish meal, and most likely the best meal I’ve had the entire time I was in Lesotho.

On the Tuesday, I get assigned the job of creating a website for them. That should keep me busy for a while. We also have a small “Going-Away-Event” for Andreas and Iris. On Wednesday, they leave, they are headed to Thailand from here. I spend most of the day at a memorial service which are held in Sesotho so I do not understand a single word. A very long day! There’s also a new volunteer arriving today. I will probably meet her tomorrow.

Posing with Andreas and Iris

Thursday, I meet Miriam, the new volunteer. She’s from Cologne, Germany. We all head out to Maseru. I have to get prices for web hosting and spend the rest of day with the doctors at some of their outreach clinics in Maseru. Pretty boring as well to be honest. I spend most of my Friday working on the website. After five, Miriam and I go to town to buy beer. We spend the rest of our evening chatting about our travels and getting a wee bit drunk. Good times! Tomorrow she will join me on a trip to Semonkong. We will be hitchhiking all the way there and then hike to Maletsunyane Falls. The weather has been perfect the entire week so tomorrow should be great too…



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