Day 22 to 27 – Almost Over

05/02/’17 – 10/02/’17

My time here has almost come to an end. I will be leaving on Saturday the 11th. The plan is to make my way home and stay there for a couple of days. On the 18th, I will start making my way to Mahalapye, Botswana.

Not much happened this week.

On Sunday, I finally got time to do my washing. One of the downsides of traveling is that sometimes you don’t have an opportunity to wash your clothes for a week or two. And since I only carry 4 shirts and 2 pairs of pants with me. They can sometimes get a little dirty. Especially on days like yesterday when we hiked through the mud. Anyway, after I’m done with the washing. I head to the hotel to abuse the wifi again. Luckily it works today.

It’s Wednesday and we head off to Maseru again. This time I finally have the money to pay for the web hosting. The money they have been promising me since last week Wednesday. After I’m done with this, me and Makoko hang around Maseru for the rest of the day. To avoid sitting at those dreaded factory clinics again. On our way back, the car keeps on overheating and it takes us almost 3 hours to drive the 40km stretch home. Miriam has been sick in bed since yesterday. I think the whole rainy adventure got the best of her. Before we go to bed, we all meet up in front of Miriam’s flat to check up on her. She looks better today.

Me and Makoko

I spend most of my Thursday at the hotel again. This is the only internet in town and it is incredibly slow. It literally takes me almost the whole day to upload the website and it’s images. This also gives me a chance to sort out some of my personal business. So I write up a few blogs and start requesting hosts in Botswana and Zimbabwe. This should keep me covered. By 18:30 the website is up and running. Finally, what a relief!

Friday is mostly quiet. It is my last day here and I finished up my work yesterday. So I just hang around, get all my things together and clean my flat properly. By the evening, the one doctor, Ajay, comes knocking and tells me that we are going to Dr. Daniel’s place. Dr. Daniel is the executive director of the hospital. My boss for the last two weeks. He also rounds up the other doctor and Miriam and off we go. When we get to Dr. Daniel’s place, he and his daughter cooked up an entire meal for us. This is to thank me for spending some time with them and say farewell. First everyone gets to say something and then it’s my turn to make a speech. I’m not much of a “public” speaker but let me give it a go. It’s only 5 people and I’ve gotten to know them over the past 2 weeks so it’s not too bad.

After I say a few words, they hand me plastic bag. It’s a gift for me. I open it and it’s a pair of new shoes. Wow, I really needed this! My old shoes have served their purpose. Only one little problem. They are one size smaller than I actually wear and with all the walking I do, that might be a problem. But still better than my old ones. I really appreciate it! Now we feast! There’s more food than we can eat and if your plate just looks like it’s getting empty, someone fills it up again. It’s an interesting meal because the cooks are Tanzanian and we get a pleasant mix of traditional Lesotho food, with some added Tanzanian flavour. Quite nice! It makes me think that Tanznania got it’s cooking culture from the east. I might be wrong. After the meal… It’s time to drink!

My new shoes
My old shoes

When we get home, it’s already 01:30 AM and I have a really long day ahead of me. I have to make it all the way home which is about 550 KM, this is very far if you are hitchhiking. I have to get up at 05:30 so I can hit the road by 6 AM. Also, I won’t see anyone tomorrow so I say goodbye to all my new friends and then hit the bed.

Good night.


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